Cubes, Strips, Slices or Shredding - The perfect Multipurpose Dicers for Butcher shops, Supermarkets or Industrial factories

  • Processing temperature down to -3 °C
  • Cube sizes starting from 4 mm
  • Shape of the slice-cut knife ensures a powerful, smooth and clean cut
  • Ergonomic single-handed operation with lengthwise chamber opening
  • Extra durable cutting grids
  • Double chamber system allows loading and dicing at the same time
  • Piston advance continuous or intermittent
  • User friendly operation and low break-in period
  • Tool-free change of cutting equipment
  • Adjustable lengthwise pre-compression


90-310 / 96-310 / 90-530 / 96-530

  • Strong motor power of 1,96 kW
  • More than double hydraulic oil volume as equivalent Dicers
  • Up to 500 cuts per minute with four-bladed knife
  • Extremely long grid-movement provides cleanest cut through meat and sinews
  • Double chamber system with single-handed operation and lengthwise opening
  • Mobile on castors


105-530 / 112-530

  • Integrated lift for E-boxes
  • Product discharge via conveyor
  • Up to 800 cuts per minute with four-bladed knife
  • Cutting length of 0 to 45 mm
  • Large prefill and processing chamber
  • Completely welded processing chamber with drain
  • Compact design
  • Solid stainless steel grid sets


120-550 / 126-550 / 140-550

  • Huge chamber dimensions with a volume of up to 10,3 liters
  • Intergrated outfeed conveyor or product discharge into 200 liter trolleys
  • Lifting device for 200 liter trolleys (at choice)
  • Extra solid stainless steel grid sets fourfold attached
  • Strong hydraulic and grid drive system
  • Working chamber with drain


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Video MAASS Dice Master